Alternative CV

2 thoughts on “Alternative CV

  1. Interesting ya Zeina! I totally missed that Star search event at AUC – where was I when you were doing the marketing? I must have been really not looking around me!
    Also … really impressed re GPA – often the first semester makes it difficult to budge… but you made me realize it must be quite common for some students to panic or struggle the first year and do better later, but it takes a very special character to be able to overcome that and graduate with honors! Bravo.
    And a question – what’s with the pineapples? :))


    1. Hello Dr.,

      Sorry, I just stumbled upon the notification email of your reply; I don’t know how I missed it earlier.
      Thank you so much, it surely wasn’t easy striving to bring my GPA up.

      Regarding the pineapples, they bring me positive energy. I, also, have pineapple lamp in my room.

      Thank you


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